Canadians are expecting fairness regarding the ‘notice of concern’ sent by the Federal Health Minister

It was stated by the Federal Health Minister, Ginette Petitpas Taylor that it has come to my notice that out-of-country hospital services are being reimbursed by some of the jurisdictions at levels which are way lower than the rate of home jurisdiction rates.

The need for the Canada Health Act has been highlighted by this statement. This act is to be enforced uniformly & fairly on all the parties.

It is deceptive in that excluding the PEI and the 3 territories all have been offering token coverage only.

If you consider the interprovincial rate as a guide, for instance, for a patient who resides out of the province, a central teaching hospital receives $1,958 and a public hospital in Ottawa is given $1,010 for a standard room.

Prior to threatening to terminate the coverage as of 1st October, Ontario had been paying around $400 for ICU care and $200 per day. However, this is way more generous than in other provinces. Still, $75 are being paid every day by British Columbia. Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Albert, and New Brunswick pay $100 every day, Nova Scotia up to $525, Manitoba $570, and Labrador and Newfoundland up to $350 per day for a stay in a community hospital, and $465 in a tertiary one.

To our utter surprise, $1,169 are being reimbursed by the PEI for a standard room and $2,712 for a room in the ICU. $2,837 are being paid by the Northwest Territories pays for a standard room and $9,410 for a one in ICU. In Yukon, up to $2,010 are paid and Nunavut pays $2,730 for all in-patient care.

Yet a ‘notice of concern’ was sent by the Federal health minister to Minister of Health of Ontario, Christine Elliott. Were similar letters sent to the other 8 provinces by her that have been deliberately underpaying for all these years? Fairness is being expected by Canadians.

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