Cultural and technological establishment adjacent to Tokyo’s Haneda airport named Haneda Innovation City

A chief cultural plus technological establishment which is to be constructed adjacent to Tokyo’s Haneda airport has been officially name Haneda Innovation City (HICity for short).

The initial plans for the structure were publicized by the Haneda Future Development Co. in May of 2018. It is set to be constructed right next to the international terminal of Tokyo’s Haneda airport. On Tuesday, along with publicizing the name of the complex, stated how the grand opening of HICity is to take place in year 2022, however, some of its facilities will be open to the public by summer of year 2020.

HICity will be spread at 5.9 hectare. It will be situated close to the Tenkubashi Station, which is only one stop away from the international terminal on the Tokyo Monorail and the Keikyu Airport Line. The complex will house cultural as well as technological industrial facilities. It is being referred to as the Innovation Corridor and will be among various facilities intended to advance the growth of novel experiences and values.

Also housed inside the establishment will be a clinical study center, a Japan-based cultural experience facility, laboratories and offices, a music hall called Zepp Haneda, a hydrogen charging station, restaurants as well as residential areas.

Developers are of the belief that Haneda Innovation City will become renowned as the newest landmark for tourists due to its fitting position right next to Japan’s busiest airport.

A Japan Tourism Agency reported how 31 million individuals travelled to Japan from various countries in year 2018, this was a record high. The already huge number is expected to further increase the coming year due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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