Denmark- A trending place for Renewable Energy.

The Danish city of Aarhus and surrounding areas have been in the news as they have become a haven for a generation of Renewable Energy. The country’s Renewable energy generation is so high that it makes up for more than half of Denmark’s energy consumption. The town of Aarhus and surrounding areas have become so famous that even China’s biggest wind turbine maker- Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, has a research office here.

In 2016 energy and environmental companies accounted for the port city’s second-biggest export industry (after food), according to the latest available data from the municipality.

Even though all of this sounds good there are problems with the renewable energy sources here. The wind speed just drops out of nowhere, the Sun may shine when it isn’t covered by clouds and other similar problems. But with such problems there arise brilliant people with inquisitive minds who want to look for answers to these problems. There is the development of a niche industry in Aarhus which was worth around 1.65 Billion Euros last year. Danske Commodities is the biggest of the 10 or so companies in Aarhus. Founded in 2004, the company’s profit rose by 28 percent to 72 Million Euros in 2018 and has around 300 employees and operates in 40 markets.

The founder, Mr. Henrik Lind sold his majority shares to the tune of 400 million Euros in February this year to a Norwegian oil major, Equinor. Following its expansion strategy “Level Up”, it aims to enter the U.S. Power market after last year’s entry into Australia.

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