Every child has the right to healthcare: AAP advocates

When the United Nations gathers to vote on the Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage in NY on 23rd Sept, the AAP will be making every effort to ensure that coverage is inclusive of children, adolescents & young people.

If signed, the Universal Health Coverage declaration will be sending a message that the 194 United Nations’ member states stand by their commitment to achieving stronger health systems by 2030.

The declaration includes input from member states, as well as, non-state actors which are groups of organizations such as the AAP which advocate for the United Nations to support stronger global health policies.

Providing input about children & adolescents’ needs is important for the AAP since every child’s future depends on it.

The Senior Vice President of AAP Global Child Health and Life Support, Janna Patterson stated that all the children deserve access to superior primary health care. The AAP has been a strong advocate for every child’s right to healthcare for a long time. Universal Health Coverage provides a way to make sure this vision becomes a reality for every child, regardless of where he lives.

The AAP is contributing to the UHC dialogue by providing input on seminal documents which will be read by ministers of health & through participation in a stakeholder meeting on Universal Health Coverage at the World Health Assembly and United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland, in May.

Doctor Patterson stated that in alliance with others, we will be advocating for the children to remain as a top priority in UHC & the life-course approach to health care and that it should be including all the children. Some people might think that Universal Health Coverage is like a global Affordable Care Act, which it is not. It is broader than that.

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