Experimental launch of medical cannabis in France in the near future

As an almost united French Senate gave the green light to medical marijuana on the 28th of May France will commence experimenting with the use of medical marijuana for around 2 years, awaiting the approval of the health ministry.

Therapeutic cannabis might be made legally available in France soon to thousands of patients who are enduring severe pain caused by the illness. Somewhere between 30 thousand to 1 million patients could be eligible for its usage, according to the patients’ group.

Nicolas Authier, who is a professor and the head of the pharmacology at the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital Centre’s pain clinic, passed the following statement: “There will be nearly two years of experimentation with the therapeutic cannabis, which will initiate as the health ministry shows the green light.” Authier chairs the committee of specialists who are charged by the National Agency for the Safety of Health Products of assessing the useful arrangements for the circulation and spread of medical marijuana. The report of the committee will be launched on the 26th of May.

Jean-Baptiste Moreau confirmed that in the coming weeks, the experiment will be set up in a quick manner. He is a supporter of legalizing medical marijuana. He said that the major challenge is to ensure a French supply chain for the production of these pharmacological products.

He is hopeful that his district of LA Creuse, where the officials who have been elected are putting effort to improve the local economy and asked for the permission of the government in 2018 to cultivate and make the production of medical-grade cannabis, will enjoy the benefit from it.

But profitable business opportunities could still be far away “At present, medical cannabis production is unauthorized in France,” told Authier. He added, “The crops will be grown in nearby fields or greenhouses and will need substantial investment. We’ll have to control the humidity, sunshine and the temperature. It isn’t traditional agriculture”