For the revival of industry, a strategy launched by Hemp Stakeholders in Japan

A campaign to Re-Open Japan for Hemp has been launched by the Stakeholders in Japan, targeting to bring back the historic crop for agricultural regenerations & innovation.

If you go back centuries, while hemp has a tradition in Japan, the country has continued to strictly align with the outdated international norms which mix hemp with marijuana.

The Director of the Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association which is leading this campaign, Doctor Harumi Kikuchi, stated the main aim of this campaign is to reverse the present closed situation in Japan.

Kikuchi said that Japan, a country where the population is aging, is a bright market for hemp products essential for good health. We require a strong campaign to increase the imports for domestic distribution.

Another aim is to plant 20,000 ha of hemp in the Hokkaido island region, where Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association assists stakeholders with licensing & seed procurement from abroad and is active in R &D. The Association, with over 70 members, also works with interests in China & with stakeholders at the European Industrial Hemp Association.

The first big step in Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association’s efforts is an upcoming international conference, ASACON. The conference will take place on 11th to 13th October in Hokkaido, ancient hemp growing lands in Japan. Asahikawa is also a leading Japanese food production center.

Riki Hiroj who is the Director at HempToday Japan & Each Japan which is a Niigata-based consultancy working in support of the revival campaign stated that we are initiating the process of showing the government of Japan what hemp is really all about.

He added that we are eager to support the Japanese entrepreneurs & innovations for the increasing international hemp markets. The campaign is actively pushing for grassroots development of innovations that can be applied both in Japan & abroad.

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