German health insurance group launches a startup fund for digital health innovation.

The corporation of German Private Health Insurance (PKV) is releasing a new project capital fund to examine and manage the quality of health care in Germany through digitalization.
The health insurance companies taking part within the organization will grant a minimum to be attained a volume of €100 million to the Heal capital fund.
Berlin-based computerized health financers Heartbeat Labs and Flying Health will be controlling the fund. The 2 firms stated they are collectively investing a 1-digit million euro amount, but refused to reveal the exact number.
Why it is important?
The fund is established to provide aid to the startups creating digital innovations for the medical zone, targeting the regions like digital health apps, telemedicine, digital security and the digitalization of care.
Dr. Markus Müschenich, managing associate at Flying Health mentioned that nowadays digitalization is important for getting good, professional medicine, and modern healthcare. With the PKV’s investment, we are pushing forward the digital revolution of the German healthcare system and making sure that digital innovation gets to the healthcare system more speedily.
The bigger picture
Heartbeat Labs and Flying Health already are operating fund providers with the main target to achieve the digitalization of the medical system in Germany.
Heartbeat Labs is a digital health floor that gathers the businessmen, tech specialists, and surgeons. Since 2017, it has established six organizations and funded nine digital health companies.
Since 2012, Flying Health has established into a major digital ecosystem in the medical industry and creates digital healthcare models together with well-known players in the medical industry through strategic associations.
What the data says
This new investment is further evidence that private health insurance is a leading force for creativity in the German healthcare system, said Ralf Kantak, chairman of the PKV Association.