Internationally Known Nephrologist gets appointed by Dicerna as Vice President to support the development of DCR-PHXC which is used for the Treatment of Primary Hyperoxaluria

A pioneering developer of trial ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) therapeutics, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc., made an announcement today regarding the hiring of Professor Bernd Hoppe as the Vice President of the Global Medical Affairs of the company. Doctor Hoppe will be joining the firm effectively on the 1st of July, 2019. He is a lecturer of Pediatrics and had an experience of being the head of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology at the University Hospital in Germany.

Regarding the joining of Doctor Hoppe, the President, as well as, the Chief Executive Officer of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc., Dough; as M. Fambrough, passed the following statement: “ Our company is delighted to hail one of the pioneer pediatric nephrologists of the world to our team. We feel honored that Doctor Hoppe has chosen to use his profound clinical and scientific knowledge regarding the primary hyperoxaluria for the development of DCR-PHXC, our major product candidate, as well as, the only ribonucleic acid interference-based therapy which is designed for the treatment of all genetic types of hyperoxaluria.”

Doctor Hoppe regarding his appointment, stated the following: “As a physician and a researcher, I have dedicated for more than 30 years on the understanding of all types of primary hyperoxaluria and to provide the best possible care for the people who get diagnosed with this unique genetic disease. This same aim gives me the motivation to join Dicerna Pharmaceuticals and to give a contribution to the development of DCR-PHXC. I am stimulated by the science of targeting the LDHA gene & highly impressed by the first clinical data generated for the DCR-PHXC in patients with PH. I am looking forward to working with the Dicerna team and advancing DCR-PHXC.”

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