Medicare for all is the topic of the hour

Medicare for all is the topic of the hour

Every democrat wanting to become the president is in favor of a system that gives affordable and universal health care and provides insurance to the 27 million Americans still living without coverage. But the process of reaching that goal is dividing the Democratic Party and encouraging rifts in the 2020 field.

As health care is set to be another top campaign issue in 2020, “Medicare for All” has become a must center topic for Democrats. Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts demands a system where every American would get insurance through the government. The proposal presented by Sanders prominently eliminates private insurers and payments like premiums, copays, etc.

While more moderate candidates are pushing for an upgraded version of the Affordable Care Act passed by the government of Barack Obama which created a public option where Americans are given the option of buying into a Medicare-like system. Those candidates feared price tag associated with a single-payer system and the probabilities of higher taxes on middle-class Americans to help pay for it.

The central debate among the 2020 Democrats has shaped up to whether to expand on what’s in place or to convert in an entirely new system. Polls show a majority of Americans want universal health care but are resistant when it comes to single-payer. But still, in a party moving to the left, Medicare for All cannot be ignored.