Nestle in a feud with BPNI over infants

Nestle in a feud with BPNI over infants

With the world breastfeeding week going on, the government of India has adopted a strong verdict against a violation committed by Nestle India limited against adding infant milk substitutes to the market. The whole process is banned by IMS. The government has approached ICMR to look into the matter and conduct all trials according to the rules of IMS.

Dr. Belram Bhargava(ICMR director), Preeti Sudan(secretary Union health ministry demanded a report. The BPNI which is noted by the government for having compliance with the IMS act also complained regarding breastfeeding substitutes, feeding bottles and baby food being sold in the market by Nestle and several other medical institutions. According to the IMS act, any infant edible product generating company cannot give any offerings or fundings to any beneficiary health workers i.e no funding to seminars, contests, meetings, educational researches etc. of any kind. BPNi discovered that Nestle India limited funded a trial registered by CTRI which was managed by ICMR.

Dr. R Kishore Kumar of cloudline hospital, Dr. Aurobindo Ghosh of the institute of child health, Kolkata, Dr. Ravishankar Swamy of Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, Dr. Nelam Kler of Gangaram hospital,Delhi and Dr. Saugata Acharya of the Calcutta medical research institute conducted the trial named “Multicentric observational study to observe preterm growth in infant” at the same time in their respective hospitals. Dr. Monjori Mitra of Madalin Pvt. Lim claimed that there was no violation of any kind of any IMS rules during the trials. She was the coordinator of the trial.

Nestle said that clinical study for scientific information is not banned in any kind of IMS rules.