The arrival of a Heatwave in France results in departments getting heat alerts

Health advice regarding the air-conditioning was issued by the experts as the temperature began to shoot, with 5 departments by now on heat alert.

On the arrival of the heatwave in France, Meteo France issued its 1st high-temperature weather arrival for 5 departments before the peak of the heatwave.

On Monday, Meteo France stated in its early bulletin that the temperatures in Paris over the night have shrunk no lesser than 20 degree Celsius.

By noon on Monday, the temperature will strike 34 degree Celsius in parts of the Var & Allier. The temperature is expected to be between 30 and 34 degree Celsius across most of France on Monday. Weather forecasters told that Pays de la Loire, Manche, and Brittany will be avoiding the highest degree of temperatures.

After a hot evening, with predicted temperatures no lower than 23 degree Celsius in Paris, 24 degree Celsius in Lyon, and 29 degree Celsius in Menton, the warmth will rise rapidly on Tuesday, approaching 36 degree Celsius in Strasbourg & 37 degree Celsius in Nancy. Across France, the temperature is expected to average between 30 and 35 degree Celsius.

Across most of the country, the mercury is anticipated to reach 40 degree Celsius on Wednesday will Friday.

On Thursday, as well as, on Friday, the average temperature throughout the day in 30 cities of France used to calculate the indicator thermique national will surpass 28 degree Celsius for the first time since the deadly 2003 heatwave. In that year, the average temperature throughout the day was more than 28 degree Celsius for a whole week.

The good news is that the weather forecasters are expecting the peak of the heatwave to last for just 2 days, with reasonable cool air heading from the west into the country. There has been a soar in the sales of air-conditioning and fans unites as much as 400 percent in some parts of France.

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