Heart Attack

Unblocking Arteries Reduces Risk Of Death From Heart Attack

Cardiovascular diseases are very common among older people. Cardiovascular disease is very dangerous and can lead to many different complications including heart attacks or even death. Dealing with a heart attack is not the main problem, whereas dealing with future complications is what is more important.

A certain procedure is very common after heart attacks include the unblocking of arteries next to the heart. This procedure will actually lower the high blood pressure and will lower the risk of a new heart attack significantly. A recent study observed the numbers on the issue and was able to find a new pattern. The pattern suggests that heart attack patients who are 75 or older are less likely to agree on this surgery. However, this shows that the leading cause of death from complication after a heart attack is due to not having this surgery.

The study was led by an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland and an Interventional Cardiologist at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, LifeBridge Health in Maryland called Abdulla A. Damluji. He published his results in the Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions, an American Heart Association journal.

He commented on the obtained results saying, “We know that PCI is safe, feasible and improves overall survival and well-being in younger adults who have a heart attack. But older adults tend to have more complex medical needs, and live with geriatric syndromes like frailty, multiple chronic conditions, cognitive impairment and use multiple medications.”

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