Mysterious new meat allergy can kill you

Scientists just discovered an allergy to chops, steaks and sausages that are caused by tick bites.

Meat allergy’s symptoms range from mild hives to nausea, vomiting to severe levels of anaphylaxis.

Ixodes holocyclus, also known as Australian paralysis tick, is found to cause the meat allergy.

The only clinical understandings obtained so far have been from a scientist from University of Virginia School of Medicine, who has been able to identify the actual immunological changes in humans who rapidly develop the allergy.

He knows what it is, but not why that is.

Dr Loren Erickson said that they did not know why the tick bite caused the meat allergy. They had not exactly known the immune cells’ source that produced the antibodies that caused the allergic reactions.

He added that there was no way to cure or prevent the food allergy; hence they needed the understanding of underlying mechanism, which was triggering the allergy, so they could devise a new traetment.

People who catch the allergy by Lone Star tick are usually surprised since they have not had such unusual incidents before.

Once they have the allergy they have to stop eating mammalian meat, which includes beef and pork, completey.

Sometimes other foods also contain meat-based ingredients and that can easily trigger the allergy.

Hence people with the meat allergy have to be super vigilant – just like the people who have nut allergies.

Most of the research is based in the U.S and there, Lone Star tick, Amblyomma americanum, causes the allergy.

But in Australia it occurs via Ixodes holocyclus, which rests in a 20 km-wide strip that, along the east coast, runs north to south.

In Europe, the castor bean tick, Ixodes ricinus causes the meat allergy. It is a chiefly species of Europe with hard-bodied tick.

Reports about the allergy spreading to Japan and Africa are emerging.

It appears that the allergy mostly affects adults, but 45 have seen observed in children by UVA, University of Virginia.

The first discovery of the allergy was made by the Dr Thomas Platts-Mills of UVA, an allergist who was able to determine that people were having reactions to a sugar that was called alpha-gal and it was found in mammalian meat.

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