Swiss visit, Political & business links focused on by Pahor

On Wednesday and Thursday, President Borut Pahor will visit Switzerland officially. Talks between Switzerland and Slovenia and the country’s relationship with the EU are anticipated to be focused on political and economic collaboration. There will also be a company meeting.
The meeting of Speaker Marina Corabbio Gusceti will begin Pahor’s visit to Berne and this May has taken place on the formal visits to Slovenia.
The president will be obtained on Thursday according to Pahor’s office by his guest, Swiss President, and Finance Minister Maurer. Regional problems, climate change, environment, science, and research will be addressed.
The chairmen will discuss topical political problems at a global level including the scenario in the western Balkans, as both Slovenia and Switzerland advocate stabilization in this region.
Themes of the EU will also be debated. Switzerland is an EU partner nation and has signed over 20 key contracts with the bloc, plus over 100 other technical agreements allowing for EU internal market cooperation. Switzerland is an EU partner.
It will be Pahor’s first visit to Switzerland, and the political dialog with Swiss leaders will continue. In September 2015 Pahor hosted Simonetta Sommaruga, former Swiss President, in Ljubljana.
The two-day visit confirms the interest of both nations in improving co-operation and amicable relations, according to the Pahor office. It will also provide a chance for political and economic collaboration to be further strengthened.
Commodity trade has increased since 2013 between Slovenia and Switzerland. It achieved 1,48 billion euros last year, up nearly 50 percent from the previous year.
Bilateral trade in products amounted to EUR 2 billion in the first half of this year.
The majority of exports and imports were pharmaceuticals in 2018.
On Thursday, the participating countries of the Niche Business Champions are expected to speak to Pahor during Zurich’s Slovene-Swiss Business Conference Slovenia.
The phase will be taken on by Heinz Karrer, Managing Director of Economiesuisse, the leading financial organization, and Economy Secretary Eva Štravs Podlogar, Executive Director of Goran Novkovič, Slovenian Business Club.